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Dishwashing Eco gel
(orange and lavender), 0,55 L

Dishwashing Eco gel (orange and lavender), 0,55 L

550 ml
оrange and lavende
Water >30%, Polysaccharide microgel (Biomicrogel®) <5%, Palm Kernel Oil-Based Anionic Surfactant <5%, Coconut Oil-Based Non-Ionic Surfactant <5%, Cocamidopropyl betaine (based on coconut oil and beet sugar) <5%, Calendula extract <5%, Orange essential oil <5%, Fragrance (lavender essential oil) <5%, Preservative <5%.
safety certificates
completely washable with water
made from fruit and vegetables
Hypoallergenic Dishwashing Eco gel WONDER LAB with natural components effectively and easily removes grease and food scraps without damaging your hands. Ingredients consist of SAS based on cocоnut oil and BIOMICROGEL® based on recycled organic products.