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Dishwashing Eco gel (neutral), 0,55L

Dishwashing Eco gel (neutral), 1L

550 ml
I type
hypoallergenic and safe
made from fruit and vegetables
Hypoallergenic Dishwashing Eco gel has neutral fragrance and suitable for odour sensitive people. The gel is equally effective in cold and hot water. Due to its texture it’s efficiently consumed and perfectly foams. The Eco gel easily removes grease and food scraps, eliminates unpleasant smells of fish and other products. Leaves no odour and streaks; makes any surface shine. It also perfectly washes off surface preservatives and contaminants from fruit and vegetables.

WONDER LAB dishwashing gel — the most environmentally friendly product at all stages of the entire life cycle. This is verified as attested by Ecolabel — european certificate 1 type.
Allergy-friendliness was proved by clinical tests carried out by the Medical Research and Diagnostic Center KosmoProdTest LLC. (clinical research № 74 113 от 12.07.2019).
Water >30%, Polysaccharide microgel (Biomicrogel®) <5%, Natural Coconut Oil-Based Anionic Surfactant <5%, Natural Coconut Oil-Based Non-Ionic Surfactant <5%, Cocamidopropyl betaine <5%, Fragrance <5%, Food Colorant <5%, Preservative <5%.