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Bathroom and toilet Universal Eco cleaner, 0,55 L

Bathroom and toilet universal Eco cleaner, 0,55 L

safety certificates
completely washable with water
made from fruit and vegetables
This innovative Eco cleaner is designed to help you easily clean your bathroom and toilet. Great for cleaning shower cubicles and panels. Gentle towards acrylic surfaces, sinks, toilets, taps, and tiles.
The Cleaner is effective due to unique BIOMICROGEL® formula: it removes all types of dirt, including limescale, in 30 seconds. Completely washable with water, leaving no film, scratches, or streaks. No strong odours, fragrances, or chlorine. Its eco-friendly composition is totally safe for the environment and septic tanks.
Water >30%, Polysaccharide microgel (Biomicrogel®) 5-15%, Organic Acid 5-15%, Preservative <5%.
550 ml