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Laundry universal Eco gel (lemon balm and lime), 1,4 L

Laundry universal Eco gel (morning bloom), 1,4 L

safety certificates
for all fabric types
made from fruit and vegetables
WONDER LAB laundry eco gel with lemon balm and lime aroma is suitable for all fabric types. Gel is ideal solution for frequent laundry. It doesn’t damage fabric, is fully rinsed out and doesn’t settle in fabric fibers. Laundry detergents WONDER LAB remain effective at a temperature of 20−90° C. It’s suitable for hand and machine wash. Gel doesn’t require the use of fabric conditioner leaving fabric soft for a long time. Light scent doesn’t remain on clothes, so laundry detergent is suitable for allergic and odour sensitive people. Gel doesn’t contain phosphates and phosphonates. Formulation contains only safe surface-active substances (SAS) based on coconut oil with concentration less than 5%.
Water >30%, Polysaccharide microgel (Biomicrogel®) 15-30%, Palm Kernel Oil-Based Anionic Surfactant <5%, Palm Kernel Oil-Based Non-Ionic Surfactant <5%, Soap <5%, Fragrance` <5%, Preservative <5%.
`IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) compliant.
BIOMICROGEL® 200 S1 for washing any types of fabric.
lemon balm and lime