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Floor washing Eco cleaner (for households with pets), 1,1L

Floor washing Eco cleaner (for households with pets), 1,1 L

1100 ml
Water >30%, Polysaccharide microgel (Biomicrogel®) <5%, Palm Kernel Oil-Based Anionic Surfactant <5%, Coconut Oil-Based Non-Ionic Surfactant <5%, Citric Acid <5%, Preservative <5%, Food Colorant <5%.
BIOMICROGEL® 600 S2 — for effective and safe solid surfaces cleaning in households with pets.
safety certificates
no sticky effect or streaking
made from fruit and vegetables
Pet owners have to wash the floor more often due to frequent walks to keep the house clean. Harmful ingredients found in household cleaners can affect your pets in various ways. Detergent should have safe ingredients and be effective to clean stains and dirt. A safe Eco cleaner for all floor types effectively removes all kinds of dirt from linoleum, laminate, ceramic tiles, marble, and parquet. Eco detergent doesn’t have fragrance and doesn’t irritate fragrance sensitive pets. Concentrated formula for efficient consumption.